Soundproof Type Generator Set
– New material and advance production process applied ventilation system compliant
– Residential muffler installed, reducing noise substantially
– Noise level between 65-75 dB(A) @ 7m
– With three accessing doors and one window
Containerized Enclosure Genset
Containerized Enclosure Genset
– Equipped with sound absorbing cotton and perforated metal
– Built-in industrial muffler
– Noise level between 70 and 80 dB(A) @7m
– Individual Controller cabinet, power supply system and lighting system
– Easy maintenance in severe environment
– CSC certificate by China classification society
Stackable Canopy Type
Stackable Canopy Type
– Optimized and compact design
– Space-saving and cost-effective
– Applied to generator set up to 20kVA
Trailer Type Mobile Power Station
– Design for outdoor application and mobile power
– With two-wheels or four-wheels type
– Equipped wit springs and double brakes for safe moving
– Rainproof and soundproof canopy