TP Series
– Perkins engines with fast and reliable cold boost
– Advanced technology on burning Combustion optimization, low fuel consumption and low noise, emission meets German TALuft standard
– Reasonable coupling creates best compounding function, provides reliable and high-performance power products
– Integrated structure of generator with fuel tank and base frame and internal high-efficiency anti-vibration
TC Series
– Cummins engines with advance design, reliable performance, durable operation
– Alloy-steel and connecting steel-lever, high durability
– High combustion efficiency and low fuel consumption work continuously
– P/T pump injection technology, low cost, completely combustion
– Optimized-design anti-vibration system, accurate pressure-boost and low speed cooling fan reducing noise effectively
– Alternator exciting system making generator set recover under any sudden loading with frequency falling, ensuring power supplying reliably
– Generator set can be 100% in sudden load or 100% sharp reduction
TM Series
– Mitsubishi engines with high-strength design, working endurably, stably and reliably
– Tolerance for impact resistance and output sufficient
– Low fuel consumption, low vibration and noise, simple and low cost maintenance
– Power range within 820-2,500 kVA
TX Series
– MTU engines from Germany
– High pressure common rail, Excellent Engine management Map control System, Excellent Engine Turbocharged and cooling technology, Excellent fuel efficiency and higher emission
– Only MTU engine can operation under an altitude of 3,000m without power Derating
– Power range 710-3,300 kVA
TU Series
– Cummins engines made in USA,UK,Japan and India
– Low noise, durability, high efficiency, compact structure, big capacity, excellent power, high performance in harsh environment
– Advanced electronic governor, filling up loading, temperature, fuel inner energy, air pressure, increasing efficiency and output power
– Compliant with high emission standard, meet EPA Emissions Level
TS Series
– Power by SDEC
– Engine with Modular Design, Standardized design of accessories, patent design, machine body with strengthened high-intensity and regidity
– Four-Valve Mechanism, high-accuracy speed regulator
– Strong environmental adaptability capability, powerful cold boot capability
– Power range 66-400 kVA